Athletes, Coaches and Staff will be selected over the next few months and when confirmed and registered will be posted here.

Team lists for the 2016 NL Summer Games in CBS can be viewed on the ROSTER

Note that on a mobile device you may need to open this link in a "private" or "incognito" browser window in order to view.

All athletes participating in the NL Games must be members in good standing with the Provincial Sport Organization for the sport in which they hope to compete.

Even though there are many sports included in the upcoming Games, athletes may only participate in ONE sport, and must either live or go to school in the region they hope to represent.

Each sport will hold qualifying events or otherwise select a team to represent each "Region" in the weeks leading up the the Games. If you are interested in competing, refer to the Technical Packages on our "Sports" page, and contact your coach or PSO for more information.

Anyone selected to a regional team has to work with their Coach or Manager to ensure "Registration" in completed in full by the deadline date which is usually about 4 weeks before the start of the Games.